Royal Alcazar

The first Royal Palace in Seville is made up of a series of smaller palaces, which is why it is often referred to in the plural-Reales Alcazares.

For a thousand years it has been the centre of the power and a royal residence of the Spanish Kings.
Inside the palace, different styles are mixed, for example the arabic style, gothic, renaissance or baroque. There are different palaces like the Gothic Palace which dates back to the 13th century, to the time of King Alfonso X the Wise; The Palace of the King Peter the 1st, called “The Cruel” or “The Just”, which is considered the most important example of the mudejar style; and the Chamber of Commerce founded by the Catholic Queen, Isabel the 1st .

The wonderful gardens are inspired by the paradise with the sound of the water from the fountains and the beauty ant the aroma of the magnificent flowers and plants.

The Royal Alcazar timetable:
(1/10 to 31/3) Tuesday to Saturday: 9.30 a 17 h. Sunday and Bank Holidays: 9.30 a 13.30 h. Monday closed.
·(1/4 to 30/9) Tuesday to Saturday: 9.30 a 19 h. Sunday and Bank Holidays: 9.30 a 17 h. Closed on Mondays.