Golden Tower

The Golden Tower was built as a defensive tower in the 13th century, by the Almohad Dynasty at the end of the Arabic period in Seville. According to some sources, this tower owes its name, Bury al Dahab, its arabic name, to the golden tiles which covered the structure.

Others state that the tower was used to store the cargoes of silver and gold which arrived in Seville along the river from America.

The area where the tower is located was the most important harbour in 16th century Seville. Nowadays, it is the Naval Museum of the city which houses the plans for the tower, as well as models and paintings of different Spanish navigators and ships.

Timetable of the Naval Museum
Tuesday to Friday: 10 to 14 h. Saturday and Sunday: 11 to 14 h. Closed on Mondays and in August.