Maria Luisa Park

The Iberoamerican Exhibition of 1929 was an event that greatly influenced the architecture and planning of the city, leaving its indelible mark of beautiful surroundings.

The Maria Luisa Park was transformed under the guidance of the famous Forestier. The "Paseo de la Palmera" which means the Palm Tree Avenue, is one of the most beautiful avenues in Seville and it was the backbone of the exhibition. It was sorrounded by different national pavilions and stately homes from participing countries; Cuba, Argentina, Mexico, Santo Domingo, United States of America, Chile, Perú…

However, the most important monument created for the Exhibition is without doubt, the "Plaza de España" (Spanish Square), which was the Spanish Pavilion for the Exhibition, and the "Plaza de América" (American Square), where there are three different buildings: The Royal Pavilion, the Neo-mudejar Pavilion and the Neo-renaissance Pavilion.