Triana District

Carmen's Chapel

This small chapel, located on the Triana Bridge, is one of the symbols of the Triana disctrict. It is commonly known as “the lighter”. It was designed by the Sevillian architect Anibal González and it was made of brick and ceramic, in the historicist style.

Sailors' Chapel
This chapel houses one of the most important sculptures of the Virgin, namely, Esperanza of Triana.

Parish Church of Santa Ana

This parish church was the first church built after the Reconquering of Seville in 1248. It was built by King Alfonso the 10th “the Wise”. He dedicated the church to Saint Ana, because he thought that the mother of the Virgin Mary had healed his eyes. The church dates from the 13th century and it is in the gothic-mudéjar style. It was restored after the Lisbon earthquake in 1755.

Carmen's Chapel